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Political Science and Economics

Political Science and Economics

  • Economics as a part of Political Science
  • Both stand for human welfare

Contribution of Economics to Political Science

  1. Economic Conditions Influence Political Organization
  2. Economic Inequalities give birth to Political Revolutions
  3. Political Ideologies are Influenced by Economic Reasons
  4. Success of democracy depends upon Economic Conditions of People
  5. Production and Distribution System affect the politics of the Government
  6. Economic Conditions affect the Foreign policy of the country

 what is Political Science and Economics?

The study of Economics provides insights into decision-making, market outcomes and the functioning of the overall economy. … By combining coursework in Economics and Political Science, students gain an interdisciplinary perspective important to understanding both political and economic issues.

Subject to traning include : 

  •  In Management and Leadership
  •  In Accounting and finance
  •  In Marketing and sale
  • In Public Administration (Administration and Secretary)
  • In Politics and Economics

Additional training courses include : 

  • In Computer Administration (Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet & Email, Photoshop Quick Books )
  •  In Business English Program (BEP)
  • In Hospitality
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