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About IBI

As the International Business Institute for Business and Professional Leader, I am conscious of the challenge of
leading an outstanding leadership center to greater heights.

The understanding of leadership has indeed undergone remarkable transformation over the past few years, reflecting the changing needs of society and how globalization is affecting us all.

It is with this in mind that we have constantly updated our Training, Practicing and seminars awards format to be recognized as a center which listens and responds to industry needs.

The International Business Institute for Leadership ensures quality in its delivery of its seminars and assessments by carefully selecting Quality Facilitators and Quality Assessors to represent the Center.

Thus, you can rest assured that you have chosen a Center that you will be proud to be called a member of. I invite you to consider the many benefits The International Business Institute for Leadership can offer you.


IBI Philosophy

Leadership by Example


To be recognized as a premier Business and Investment platform for Premier Business Leader thought and action to accomplish positive results for global change


Assist members identify, develop, and maximize their leadership potential and opportunities whilst taking a responsible role in the community

Global Leadership Focus

The International Business Institute for Leadership was founded to fill a significant void in lifelong learning. All too often institutions focus on imparting career skills, or talk about preparing future leaders, without developing a true understanding of leadership – the knowledge, ability and conviction to drive change. In bridging this critical gap, IBI established itself as a center in the field of leadership development and is a respected center for corporate as well as business leaders globally.


Challenge Yourself-Life-long Learning, Relationship, Values

IBI was established to provide opportunities for member to develop and enhance their leadership skills. Through comprehensive portfolio assessment, leadership coaching, experiential opportunities, simulations and presentations by business leaders, members build confidence, enhance their leadership skills and gain real-life experiences enabling them to apply responsible leadership in all aspects of their lives.

IBI investigates leadership as a process and a relationship among people. It is based on a rigorous professional approach to learning and is directed toward intellectual development, professional and personal service, and civic responsibility.


The IBI program has been applauded and very positively received. The program content is updated constantly to reflect the latest leadership developments and business trends. The IBI program is designed to take advantage of participants’ diverse backgrounds and experiences, and to advance their careers with practical insights. IBI makes every effort to accommodate participant ’busy schedules into the development of every program it endorses.

Valuable Peer Network

Beyond word-class learning for participants, IBI also helps participants to enlarge their business network and build relationships with other leading members at an international level. Our rapidly growing community of distinguished members from countries provides opportunities for networking beyond the local center.


Development Partners